Harvesting Young Generation Insights: How they should be well-prepared on Blockchain and Digital Asset – By : Indodax

Education, Policy dialogue, collaboration, and experience about the Blockchain and Digital Asset.

Why Join Us?

Education, gaining supplement in terms of a new sophisticated technology named Blockchain.

Policy dialogue, strengthening concerns and views of the pathways for knowing in-depth regarding Indodax, Blockchain, and Digital Asset. 

Collaboration, built attractive communication and constructive platform to connect and share fresh ideas about Technology Development in 21st Century. 

Experiences, agreeing on action points as the next agenda of Indonesian Development.

Delegate will come away with a good understanding of the main technology components going into a functioning blockchain implementation and their role as the biggest innovation since internet.  Delegates are able to ensure best practices for the right architecture blockchain to meet the world needs. Delegates can gain insight regarding the existence of Digital Assets in Indonesia.

Speaker : Nidya Rahmanita (Business Development Manager at Indodax)

Date : Thursday, 31 Oktober 2019

Time : 13.00 – 15.00 WIB

Place : Main Stage, Hall B, Jakarta Convention Center